Western Breastfeeding Clinic & Tongue Tie Release

Tongue Tie Testimonials

A 6 week old exclusively breastfed baby girl attended the clinic with a query of tongue tie. The Mum had noted that she was making a clicking sound and dribbling quite a bit during feeds. There was also an issue with wind, she seemed to have a lot and it was difficult to get it up. At follow up Mum had this to say;

“I’ve noticed a huge difference. She’s able to control the flow of milk a lot better she no longer chokes as much as she used to. Her lips don’t develop blisters from not being able to latch on correctly. And her milky tongue cleared up a lot. So the division was a huge success.”

This baby first came to my attention at 9 weeks old as the Mum was finding it hard to manage his colic. He would be fussy during feeds and unsettled with long periods of inconsolable crying. On review of the history, she had been unable to establish breastfeeding and had switched to bottle feeding but still was having a major problem with colic. After examining him I found he had a posterior tongue tie. After discussion Mum decided to go ahead and have it divided. She had this to say at follow up;

“I have seen a huge improvement in him. He is sucking the bottle much better and is way more settled. Able to put up the wind much easier and less of it. I see his tongue now moving which I hadn’t noticed much before.”

Mum presented with this baby at 10 days old wondering if she had tongue tie. This was her 4th baby and she was experienced at breastfeeding. However, she was finding the latch extremely painful. I did division that day and at follow up Mum had this to say;

“Yes, there’s been a big improvement! E’s latch is much deeper and the pain is gone thankfully! She’s feeding well and gaining weight!”

This 5 week old baby was brought by her mother as she was struggling to get a deep latch, and the latch was painful, resulting in Mum having very sore cracked nipples. She was also dribbling a lot during feeds and frequently losing the latch and tiring easily at the breast. Her tongue tie was divided and afterwards Mum had this to say;


“The nipple pain / crack has dramatically improved - which is important for maintaining breastfeeding. Anyway, from a tongue tie perspective, we’re so glad we got it done.  Feeding has certainly improved and the painful nipple has gone from painful (at times excruciating) to just a tiny bit more sensitive. Thanks again for fitting us in last Monday... I’m not sure we would be still breastfeeding if we had to wait any longer.”

This 5 day old baby had a very shallow latch and Mum was finding breastfeeding extremely painful. There was a significant tongue tie which I divided. Mum also came for lactation support after as she was having some nipple vasospasm. She had this to say;

“Just wanted to say thank you!! Before our last meeting with you I had really hit rock bottom as breastfeeding was failing but felt so much better after we chatted that day.”

8 week old baby attended having been unable to successfully breastfeed and was still having problems with bottle feeding. He was very slow at feeding and would tire easily. His Mum had this to say at follow up;

“There has been a great improvement in J's feeding and sleeping since he got your help. He can take about 5 ounces in one feed whereas before he would tire after 2 ounces. He has also gone from sleeping 3 hours at night to sleeping 5. He was a little restless the evening after the procedure but once he got a good sleep he was back to his happy self the next day. We are very grateful for all your help”

This 5 day old baby presented with failure to thrive. She had lost almost 15% body weight in the first 4 days. Mum was having difficulty establishing breastfeeding and had to top up with formula. But she continued to struggle even with bottle feeding. It could take up to 1 hour to take 60mls. Mum noticed that she tired easily and dribbled excessively. On examination, she had a very tight anterior tongue tie.

We have noticed a big improvement. She is drinking much more and getting faster too. She is putting on weight and is much more content.....and I’m happier knowing she is gaining.

9 week old baby whose latch initially appeared fine but for the past 4 weeks had been failing to thrive gaining approx. 70g per week. Mum then started to notice that the latch was pinching and that she kept slipping off the breast. Clinically she had a thick pearly posterior tie which I divided. This is what Mum had to say at follow up;

“You were totally right two feeds and all was well again. I do feel the latch more deeper and she is feeding well and seems more content.”

This 6 week old baby was dribbling and clicking a lot with his bottle. Mum and Dad had also noticed that he was unable to stick his tongue out. He had a very tight anterior tongue tie which I divided and Mum had this to say at follow up;

“D is getting on super. It had no effect on him that day and we were more that happy with the way it was all done.”

Breastfeeding Preparation Class Testimonials

“This was an excellent course. I feel so much more prepared for breastfeeding, and any of the challenges that might come up. Sinéad had a lovely laid back style and made everyone feel at ease! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone even considering breastfeeding!!”

“I attended a breastfeeding preparation class at Western breasting clinic before my son was born.  I attended the clinic as I had a lot of difficulty breast feeding my first child and I was determined to be more confident and enjoy the process with my second baby.

Dr Sinead Gavin gave me the tools to achieve this.  From understanding how the breast feeding process works to practical advice on breast feeding bras, equipment and how to store breast milk. I felt much more confident and prepared this time to Feed my baby.

When I had a problem with baby’s latch Dr Sinead checked for tongue tie, explained the whole procedure to us with the use of examples and performed the procedure so professionally and quickly fitting us in for a weekend appointment so my husband could attend.

My baby is feeding so well now he is thriving and healthy, he never lost his birth weight and I am really enjoying feeding him.

I would highly recommend this class, Dr Sinead is extremely knowledgeable and supportive.”

“Myself and my husband attended the class two months prior to the arrival of our son. At first I thought it wouldn’t be something my husband should attend but as my support partner during our breastfeeding journey, We are both so glad he did.

The class was hugely beneficial to us and helped us prepare in many ways. Sinead covered a wide range of topics and by the time we left, we felt very equipped to begin our breastfeeding journey. We were able to understand the various equipment that we may or may not need along the way and how breastfeeding works on an anatomical level. This is vital for understanding how and where the baby latches.

What we found the most useful is that Sinead outlined challenges we may meet and how this was normal and they could be overcome.

As with many breastfeeding journeys, ours too did meet some difficulties but I was able to overcome them and I truly believe this to be with the help of my husband and because we were both prepared for them.

Thankfully I continued breastfeeding for 7 months and I credit this to taking Sinead’s class. Breastfeeding is a new skill and it takes time and we do need to learn and work at it. It is one of the toughest but most rewarding things you will ever do but being prepared is key to ‘weather the stormy days’”

“I found the class fantastic...it really cleared up some questions I had...I met some people who have been in the same boat as me with previous experiences  and that was really nice and reassuring ...I’m excited now to start this journey with my newborn in a few weeks”

"The one day breastfeeding course by Western Breastfeeding set us up for success on our BF journey. As a second time mum I knew how difficult BF can be. Sinead gave us the information and insight necessary to get through those first few weeks to find our rhythm and allow us enjoy the BF experience."